Israeli police confine unmistakable Sheik Jarrah extremist

Thomas Henry
1 min readJun 7, 2021


Israeli police confined a Palestinian extremist in an attack on her home in Sheik Jarrah neighborhood in involved East Jerusalem on Sunday, as indicated by her family, reports Anadolu Agency.

Neighborhood inhabitants said police assaulted the home of Muna al-Kurd, 23, and took her to an obscure objective.

Her dad, Nabil al-Kurd, affirmed his girl’s detainment by Israeli powers.

“Police are likewise searching for my child Mohammed, who was momentarily confined a month ago,” he said.

There was no remark from Israeli police on the report.

Muna al-Kurd, who procured a degree in interchanges and news coverage, has a place with one of 27 Palestinian families who face the danger of removal in the Sheik Jarrah area.

She is one of the Palestinian ladies driving fights against Israel’s constrained removals and dangers of relocation in Sheik Jarrah.

In April, an Israeli court controlled to oust eight Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood for settlement gatherings, setting off pressure across the Palestinian domains.

Israeli specialists, nonetheless, delayed giving an official choice on the ousting orders till December under Palestinian mass fights, including 11-day battling among Israel and Palestinian obstruction bunches in Gaza, and global pressing factor.



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