Sudan says practicing limitation in the midst of pressure from Ethiopia

Thomas Henry
2 min readJun 29, 2022

Sudan said, Wednesday, that it practices poise in the midst of pressure with Ethiopia over the killing of seven Sudanese warriors, Reuters reports.

“The public authority’s obligation is to protect its domain and residents,” Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary, Dafallah Al-Hajj Ali, said in an explanation conveyed by the state news organization, SUNA.

“Sudan is practicing limitation to forestall an acceleration with Ethiopia,” he added.

The Sudanese ambassador met on Tuesday with UK Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Robert Fairweather, during which Al-Hajj Ali made sense of advancements in the contested Al-Fashqa line region.

“Ethiopian powers an entered Sudanese area and hijacked seven fighters and a nonmilitary personnel, executed them, and ravaged their bodies,” Al-Hajj Ali said.

“The Ethiopian practices don’t consent to global shows and standards and the idea of the connection between the two nations,” he added.

As far as it matters for him, Fairweather was cited by SUNA as saying that “it’s not in that frame of mind of the two nations to heighten what is happening,” hailing “Sudan’s position and its activity of restriction to forestall an acceleration.”

On Sunday, the Sudanese armed force blamed Ethiopia for executing seven fighters and a resident.

Ethiopia, as far as it matters for its, said it’s prepared to co-examine the occurrence with Sudan, voicing trust that the Sudanese government would move away from any acceleration.

Strain raised among Sudan and Ethiopia as of late over the Al-Fashaqa Triangle, a decades-in length questioned line region, lacking positive division.

While Khartoum said on 31 December 2020, that it forced its command over the Sudanese area where Ethiopian volunteer armies were available, Addis Ababa blames Sudan’s military for involving An Ethiopian area, too, as guaranteeing its northern neighbor denies.



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