Syria Foreign Ministry: Israeli strikes on air terminal add up to an ‘atrocity’

Thomas Henry
2 min readSep 8, 2022


Syria’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday it considered Israeli late air strikes on nonmilitary personnel foundation to be an atrocity, Reuters reports.

A Foreign Ministry proclamation explicitly alluded to Israeli air strikes on Tuesday on Aleppo International Airport which harmed the runway and put the site out of administration for the second opportunity in seven days.

“The common Israeli assaults, particularly the orderly and purposeful focusing of nonmilitary personnel objects in Syria — the most recent of which was the focusing of Aleppo International Airport yesterday — sums to a wrongdoing of hostility and an atrocity as per global regulation,” the assertion said.

“Israel should be considered to be responsible for it,” it added.

Israel has escalated strikes on Syrian air terminals to disturb Tehran’s rising utilization of flying stockpile lines to convey arms to partners in Syria and Lebanon, including Hezbollah, provincial discretionary and knowledge sources told Reuters.

Tehran has embraced air transport as an additional dependable method for shipping military gear to its powers and partnered contenders in Syria, following disturbances to ground moves.

Last week’s assault harmed Aleppo Airport not long before the appearance of a plane from Iran, a commandant in Iran-supported provincial collusion told Reuters.

Smash Ben-Barak, Chairman of the Israeli Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said on Wednesday the strikes had been a sign to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

“The assault implied that specific planes wouldn’t have the option to land and that a message was transferred to Assad: If planes whose design is to support illegal intimidation land, Syria’s vehicle limit will be hurt,” he told Ynet Radio.

Ben-Barak, like other Israeli authorities, declined to say whether Israel had really done the strikes.



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